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I'm amazed that I can customize a Workout Program to my very specific needs! And the programs I got were as good or better than when I paid big money for a personal trainer at my gym. Thanks, Alpha Trainer!
- Ben Mappen (Entrepreneur in San Francisco)

I live a busy life, and Alpha Trainer lets my friends and family motivate me to work out through messages and gifts. This has been really effective for me!
- Anna Chang (Attorney in California)
Customized Workout Programs

Customized, 14-week Programs!

Set your own fitness goals and get a customized, 14-week personal training program! Whether you're a beginner or an expert looking for a GYM or HOME workout, who wants to lose or gain weight, get toned, build strength, get faster, or increase endurance, Alpha Trainer has a program that is customized just for you! Our Founder spent a year creating the largest & deepest database of workout programs that are custom-tailored to your exact needs, and now it's available at your fingertips!
Multimedia Trainer

Multimedia Trainer w/ Voice Coach!

Our Advanced Multimedia Trainer makes it easy to work out by timing your sets, rest, and reps, with in-depth voice coaching. It also gives you detailed explanations of all the exercises, demonstrated by our founder (includes pictures & videos). Our Multimedia Trainer even works offline, which is perfect when you work out in places with little or no internet connection. Our app also features social media integration and game mechanics through Gold, XP, Levels, and Leaderboards, which help keep your workouts more interesting.
Social Motivation

Motivation through Close Friends!

Research shows that people who have a strong network of friends & family to support them are much more likely to get in shape and reach their fitness goals. Alpha Trainer is the first and only app that allows you to invite friends and choose Motivation PartnersTM, who are close friends that commit to keeping each other accountable. We push-notify your Motivation PartnersTM on your workout days so that they can message, encourage, and send you gifts, directly from our app! Try it out and see the difference accountability from close friends make!


Watch the tutorial videos below to get a good understanding of how the major features of Alpha Trainer works.

How to Navigate Your Customized, 14-Week Workout Program & Choose Proper Weights & Reps

In this tutorial, Paul Kim explains how to use the Alpha Trainer app to maximize your customized, 14-Week workout program. It explains how to navigate the menus, use the Workout Trainer, see exercise demos, set proper weights, change your workout days, and understand the terminology used within the app.

How to Invite Friends, Set Up Motivation PartnersTM, and Send Messages & Gifts

In this tutorial, Paul Kim explains how to use the Alpha Trainer app to stay motivated through Social Motivation. It explains how to navigate the Friends and Messaging menus, send messages to friends, set Motivation PartnersTM, and send gifts.

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