We’re a small company with BIG dreams. Our mission is to provide each person on the planet with the knowledge & tools necessary to live healthy, fit, and fulfilled lives. Our first product, the ALPHA TRAINERTM mobile app (Android/iOS), is a truly unique app that has the following characteristics:

    • Huge Library of Customized, 14-week Workout Content. Our founder literally spent over a year building deep, rich, and engaging workout content specialized to each individual’s particular needs. As a result, we now have the largest library of customized workout content, with over 100,000 (one hundred-thousand) 14-week programs that are custom-tailored to each user’s unique goals! Try it out, as we are bound to have a program that is perfect for you, whether you’re a beginner or an expert who wants to lose weight, get stronger, build muscle, improve cardiovascular performance, or get quicker & faster! When you set your personal goals on Alpha Trainer, you can even select specific areas on your body to focus on, such as your belly, thighs, or lower back, and Alpha Trainer will custom-tailor the workout to put additional emphasis on those body parts. Knowledge is power, and Alpha Trainer gives you knowledge in the form of fully-customized, high-quality workout programs.
    • Advanced Multimedia Trainer with Interval Timer & Voice Coaching. We’ve built an advanced, multimedia trainer that keeps track of all aspects of your workout, times your exercise and rest, and includes voice coaching and personal exercise demonstrations from our founder. You can plug in earphones and work out with the trainer at the gym, or you can work out at home on your mobile phone or tablet with the volume set on high. The choice is yours.
    • Social Motivation through your Close Friends. Research shows that we are more likely to succeed in our fitness goals, if we have a strong support network around us. Thus, Alpha Trainer has built the first-ever social motivation platform where you invite friends into the app and select some of them to be your “Motivation Partners”; we push-notify these people on your designated workout days, so that they can send you messages and gifts directly from our app’s advanced messaging platform! Try it out – we think you’ll love it.
    • Growing Archive of Specialized Workout Programs: Alpha Trainer is adding a growing list of short and long-term workout programs such as programs to burn fat, increase your bench press or squat, increase vertical jump (plyometrics) or speed, HIIT or Metabolic Exercises, Yoga, Crossfit, etc. Check it out today!

In addition, you can track and graph your body weight, and we’ve built in extra game & motivational elements like Experience Points (XP), Gold Coins, Levels, Gifting, Social Media Posting, etc. to make the app even more enjoyable. Try it out today, and let us know if you have any feedback, as we love hearing constructive feedback from our customers!

Paul Kim, CEO & Founder (Nido Labs, Inc.)

Paul Kim is the Founder and CEO of Nido Labs, the maker of Alpha Trainer. He is a passionate, serial entrepreneur and fitness fanatic who was inspired to create Alpha Trainer after going through a body transformation himself in 2012, where he went from being completely out of shape (after running technology companies for 6 years) to getting into the best shape of his life. His objective for creating Alpha Trainer is to provide everyday people with the knowledge and tools necessary to transform their bodies, thereby making them more healthy, physically fit, and confident. He devoted over a year to creating the largest library of customized fitness content available, so that everyone on the planet can receive the most customized and relevant fitness program for him or her. Paul is currently a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), and in the past, he has competed and placed in numerous bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions, including being runner-up in the 1999 Mr. Korea bodybuilding competition. He’s been involved in health & fitness his whole life – in fact, even his first paid job during high school was in fitness… as a Fitness Instructor for Bally Total Fitness over 2 decades ago!

Prior to Nido Labs, Paul was the Founding CEO of KreditFly, a unique mobile payments & credit company where he raised $3.25 million in venture capital. Before this, Paul was the Founding CEO of BilltoMobile, where he raised $9.5 million and created the first-ever VC-funded spinout from a public Korean company. Paul sold BilltoMobile in 2010 for a nice profit for shareholders after signing the first-ever direct billing deals with all major US mobile carriers and establishing the company as a leader in the space. Before this, he worked as an expatriate at Samsung Electronics’ corporate venture capital group where he performed technology investments and business development. Prior to Samsung, Paul worked in various capacities as a management consultant and as an employee at companies in internet, telecom, and payments. Paul received his M.B.A. from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth as an Edward Tuck Scholar. Prior to that, he earned dual B.A. degrees in Economics and Political Science with honors from the University of California at Los Angeles as an Alumni Scholar. Paul is a member of American Mensa.

When Paul is not working, he enjoys working out, playing soccer & basketball, traveling around the world (especially to remote islands & beaches), and spending time with family and good friends. Paul’s lifelong dream and mission is to start a foundation that builds specialized centers around the world that provide orphans with accelerated education & career opportunities, while providing them with the faith, hope, and love that they desperately need & deserve. His dream was inspired by his own mother, who was orphaned during the Korean War as a young girl. Paul lives by the motto, “I would rather live one day and change the world than 100 years anonymously.”

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